Byte: The Game Info Post (text version of last video)

February 23, 2021 - Reading time: 4 minutes

I welcome everyone to the updated website of the game "Bite: The Game". Now two videos about this game have been published. These are news videos about the game in two languages. If you don't have the opportunity to watch this video, I have prepared a text version.

Hello. I am Dmitry Volkov, also known as WheatleyHDD. I am the main developer of Byte: The Game.

After a long time of no news about the game, I release this video to remind you that the game does not stand still and is actively being developed.

The first thing to note is switching to a different engine. Previously, I worked on Construct 2, which did not impress me at all with its work on a weak computer. The choice of the engine fell on the Godot Engine, with which I had little experience working. Byte: Classic - the prototype of Byte: The Game - was made on this game engine.

This migrate has allowed me to revise my game codebase and migrate many of the game's mechanics with some improvements that basically make it easier to create levels in the game.

But there were also deletions of some things. For example, selecting chapters. As for me, the choice of chapters slowed down the development a lot, because no matter how I tried to do them wisely, they broke down with the appearance of new level packs.

Also, switching to a different engine forced us to rewrite some of the mechanics that have changed a lot. The easiest way to show this is by using the Byte example. In older versions, a Byte could jump up to 5 blocks. I can't remember for sure. Now the Byte jumps by 7 blocks. This change forced me to be a little creative in transferring levels. Some levels have received more details, and some have been completely redesigned.

Well, let's go through the details:

    • New Splash

    • Changed the language selection screen

    • Changed the menu

    • Added achievements

Well, now the most important thing. The game has its own website. Yes, so far on a free domain, but I have no money for more. The site has undergone a transfer to a new hosting and a new design. A full-fledged news page has appeared, where I will try to publish all the news related to our game.

I also open a registration for early access to the game in order to find bugs and test the gameplay. I can't guarantee any bonuses, but all those who register will be placed in the game's titles, in the "Beta testers" section, and the early version of the game will open access to new chapters. I do not guarantee the absolute security of your data, but I will definitely not send it to anyone.

I need names or nicknames so that I can properly put you in the titles, and email — for sending the key and launcher. The mailing list will be made with each update of the game.

For anyone who does not want to fool their head with all sorts of registrations, a demo version will also be provided, as before. You'll probably need to re-download launcher, but I'm not sure yet.

Thank you for your interest in the game. This is the one thing what keeps me working on my projects.