Byte: The Game

Minimalistic platformer authored by WheatleyHDD
The first my game Byte: Classic was an experiment. An experiment of what I can do. Byte: The Game is a single game that creates a unique game experience, different from Byte: Classic, which combines all the best of platform games. Sustained style of minimalism concentrates the player only on the most important things. Byte: The Game - part of me
-Dmitriy "WheatleyHDD" Volkov


Bytes are elementary transport forces inside a computer. They transfer data from person to computer, simplifying our lives. You were created by the system, which means you are completely and completely subject to Her.

MirrorOS 2.0 is the most advanced operating system, after the first MirrorOS, released 3 months after its release. What is hidden inside this operating system? Why it was made hastily, and most importantly-why everyone dislikes it so much - this is what you should find out!


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